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Palazzo Toaldi Capra

Fourteenth century building filled with frescoes.

The palace, built in the fourteenth century as the residence of the Venetian family "da Pozzo" (from which the ancient name of the building "ca' da Pozzo"), It was heavily modified over the years and so, because of the various changes we can date the current building to the fifteenth century.

The palace belong first to Toaldi family and Capra family then; in the second half of the eighteenth century it was acquired by the Municipality of Schio and become the new headquarters of "Monte di Pietà".

Until 1914 it housed the town hall. Since the eighties, after a careful restoration, it is used as a venue for exhibitions and conferences. Worthy of note are the marble bust of Nicolò Tron (first ambassador of the Serenissima Republic at the British court that led to Schio knowledge, techniques and technologies for spinning and weaving of wool, that gave way to the Schio "age of gold") and the bronze one of Giuseppe Garibaldi(the 'hero of two worlds": he doen't need any introduction.

The relationship between Garibaldi and Schio is strong infact a lot of captains of his troops are inhabitants of Schio: Toaldi, Menegante and Fusinato.

Schio also helped Garibaldi with substantial financial assistance collected from a limited group of wealthy patriots and industrials.

On March 7, 1867 Garibaldi was in Vicenza to receive the homage of the city and during this occasion Alessandro Rossi knew him personally; Rossi helped Garibaldi providing money for the reclamation of the Pontine. The Bust of Garibaldi that you can find now at Toaldi Palace was commissioned by the Society of veterans of battles Patrie, immediately after the death of Garibaldi in 1882 and was placed beside the tombstone with the names of those who died for the liberation and unification of Italy. It was the first monument in Italy to portray the image of G. Garibaldi.

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