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Serra del Giardino Jacquard

Late Romanic garden placed in the old city centre

The Jacquard Garden, is an English garden, yet another gift of the Rossi family to the city of Schio, just opposite the historic seat of the woolen mill and built between 1859 and 1878.

Was named in honor of the Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard, who invented the eponymous automatic loom.

The garden was opened to the Factory's workers . The complex of about 5000 square meters is also a part of a building used as recreational club with theater (Teatro Jacquard), with a capacity of eight hundred spectators, but currently abandoned, the existing church of San Rocco outside the complex, a greenhouse, a nymph, caves, roof gardens and a lookout. The garden is property of the town of Schio but due to the poor state of repair, It is only partially and occasionally visitable such for example during the exhibition of orchids, a chermesse that attracts exhibitors from all over Europe. A curiosity, before the construction of the garden stood here there were the "urinals" of Workers that were used to produce the "ammonia" (used in the production process of wool). The flat part of the garden is characterized by winding paths, botanical species of various types, and monuments dedicated to Francesco and Alessandro Rossi. Further inland you can find the greenhouse warm, semi-circular moist with a dome, with large windows and the tower with its distinctive pagoda roof. Then there is the "Ninfeo", a small sacred building dedicated usually to a nymph, and generally placed next to a fountain or a source of water, surmounted by a bust of Atlas and, at the end, you can find the monumental entrance to the grottoes.

The theater, currently in disuse, is spread in the lateral part of the garden delimiting the boundaries in the right side and has got a capacity of about 800 seats divided between the stalls and wooden lodge. In the Garden you canfind various types of shrubs and flowers, including several impressive examples of both local and exotic plants.

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