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Saturday, February 6th at 21.30 Exhibition "Mankind"


Say Fausto Rossi as saying Faust'O is to say a cult, a part of the history of Italian rock. An exciting part, courageous and restless, an 'against' course that starts in 1978 with a landmark of Italian wave like Suicide (and little sugar, and J'accuse, eee ...) and unravels zigzagging in a never tamed research, including convergences with international scenes, experimental projects, bitter rock returns and fulminant (Blues, Exit, for example).

To date, which will be to propose a choice of readings that run the '900 telling of a fight to the bitter end against a sadistic world, a fight to the bitter end supported by the imagination of an erotic world.

Fausto then leave space to its accompanying music on the piano and more specifically electronic interventions.


Saturday, February 13 at 21.30 Review Rewind


RadikaNera means roots in black music: Free to Go for different styles inspired by the Afro-American music through rock. The sound ranges now from Crossover to Reggae, from electronic to funk.


Sunday, February 21 at 18.00 Exhibition of Female Voices

EMMA ACS & THE FAMILY inbred (Denmark)

Present the new album "Give in to Whatever"

Two years after his first (and only) visit to Italy returns Emma Acs and his musical collective known as The Inbred Family.

Meanwhile a new album and new partnerships have finally launched the Danish artist's musical career.

Emma Acs & the Family Inbreed arriving from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her music blends the imaginary and the Scandinavian style with French pop of the 60's by going through sounds that recall the Anglo psychedelia and Eastern themes (one of the characteristic features is the marked use of Sitar).

The first solo album, "Champagne", dates back to 2011 and is a real gem that combines all these influences.


Sunday, February 27 at 21.30 Exhibition of Female Voices


Present the new album "Silently. Quietly. Going Away. "

Adele Nigro (vocals and guitar) and his two young companions of adventure, Erica Lonardi (bass) and Marco Giudici (drums), recorded a disc made of guitars and small poetry, a indierock - what dear to Modest Mouse, to Built To spill at Waxahatchee, the Pavement - sang with the blatant security reminiscent young Alanis Morrissette. Adele has talent to burn, sensitivity and an incredible strength for its just turned twenty-one years is one of the most courageous and credible Italian debuts of 2015.

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Hotel Miramonti **** Schio

The 4 stars Schio hotel inspired to industrial archeology
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Certified TripAdvisor Excellence 2017 Hotel Miramonti Schio

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