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04:00 PM - Arrival of the London Double Deck in Via Battaglione Val Leogra

04:00 PM - British Army Uniforms show from a unique European collection

04:00 PM - Bagpipes parade by Cateaters Pipe Band

04:00 PM - Conference and book presentation by some English writers

04:00 PM - British Theme Parade organized by Battistella School's students

04:00 PM - Caoduro pastry shop Apple Pie: english pies contest

05:00 PM - Benjamin Kofler will cross Alesandro Rossi square on a acrobatic slackline

05:00 PM - Rock Bands in concert: Plumcacke + Lizard Invasion in Via Btg. Val Leogra

05:00 PM - Triumph Bikes rally and exhibition

05:00 PM - On the road shows performed by streets' artists

05:00 PM - Presence of the Honorary British Consul in Venice Mr. Coward

08:00 PM - Coro Giovani Ges at Cinema Salesiani

09:00 PM - Tommy Emmanuel e Andy McKee - Concert at Teatro Astra



04:00 PM - Bulldogs Parade organized by veneto club

04:00 PM - Greyhounds Parade

04:00 PM - Benjamin Kofler will cross Alesandro Rossi square on a acrobatic slackline

04:00 PM - Historical Mini Minor Rally and Exhibition in Via Capitano Sella

04:00 PM - Triumph Bikes rally and exhibition

04:00 PM - Rock Bands in concert: Volkox + Hits80 in via Btg. Val Leogra

04:00 PM - Victorian Steampunk Club parade

04:00 PM - Tweed Ride Bike: cycling club prade dressed in historical british costumes

04:00 PM - Extraordinary Beards and Mustaches parade

04:00 PM - The Whisky history and tasting by di De Giacomi Liquor store



- London Double Deck with pub

- Portobello Road style stalls of records and memorabilia along via Btg. Val Leogra

- Children Playground by London School of Thiene in Piazza Falcone Borsellino

- Shakespeare on the Road by Yourban Cultural Ass.

- Scotia shores: Scottish folk dances in Piazza Rossi

- Tea time by Giocateatro at Lanificio Conte

- British Delicatessen

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away: apple pancackes for charity to Chernobyl's childrens


Hotel Miramonti **** Schio

The 4 stars Schio hotel inspired to industrial archeology
awarded by with 4,5 stars over 5 on Tripadvisor

Certified TripAdvisor Excellence 2017 Hotel Miramonti Schio

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  • Indoor parking CCTV

In the center of Schio with parking; close to shops, restaurants, and services for those traveling for business or pleasure.

  • Via Guglielmo Marconi 3, 36015 Schio VI, Italy
  • +39 0445 529900
  •   +39 0445 528134

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