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The exhibition "Beyond the Man: From Leonardo to Biotechnology", open from January 28 to May 2, 2017, is organized by the District of Science and Technology, the Pleiades, popular science companies, together with the Municipality of Schio and Vicenza Confindustria grouping Alto Vicentino .

The exhibition, conceived for the general public, families, schools, university students, researchers and tourists alike, can be visited at the Shed Spaces former Conte Wool Mill in downtown Schio.Oltre Man is true exhibition and fascinating journey that accompanies the public in the past, present and future of human intelligence: the first inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, and his studies from nature and the human body to conceive machines at the service, the first automated systems that replace human labor with the mechanical robots that replicate the human form, and its consequences on the social and psychological; up to the new biotechnologies, where the well-being and human life itself are supported by applied research in the biomedical field: laser, prosthetics, robotics, biotech, until the 3D printing of human organs.

Human ingenuity, technology, inventions: how they changed the way people work, to produce and to heal? How can technology change the destiny of a society?

All the technological changes of the last two hundred years have improved exponentially the quality of life and health of a large part of the human race, up to double the average duration than in the past. Sometimes even at the expense of traditions, ancient knowledge, or, in the worst cases of man himself: if the automation in fact went to make available more and more intelligent devices, efficient and precise, this did not happen without triggering a conflict with the same human capacity, up to a "competition" between man and machine.

So what are the consequences, both positive and negative, of the technologies? We are now able to prevent or predict the possible complications?


The exhibition is divided into sections defined and characterized, sometimes to recreate a fascinating journey, sensory and interactive suitable for all ages.

The workshop of the future: in the introductory section is at the center the analogy between the human body and the machine shop. played organ and / or real, from the university collections, highlight how the human body is a complex and wonderful machine made of efficient components.

The Genius of Leonardo: despite having never actually made machines, Leonardo is considered a universal genius as it was among the first to perform autopsies to study the human body and to design machines that would allow humans to improve their lives.

Human ingenuity: from life before automation, mechanical engineering and medical science, automation to replace human labor, to the mechatronics. Here we will present some industrial machines, industrial robots and interactive exhibits to understand how the mechanics.

The ingenuity to the man: a concentration of the history of medicine with a focus on the human ability to conceive and produce machines, tools and technologies for the benefit of man himself and his body. It then passes to the White House, a room dedicated to loans from institutions and companies operating in the medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical.

Beyond the Man: The journey ends with the avant-garde technologies such as 3D printing applied in the biomedical sector and the robots who look after the man.


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