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Beyond the Dream, from the Flight to the Space


Interactive Exhibition from the Flight to the Space

The December 18, 2015 starts in Schio, at the SHED exhibition centre at the Woolen Mill Factroy  "Lanificio Conte", the exhibition "Beyond the dream: from the flight to space," an immersive path leads the visitor-traveler in the dream of man to fly, the first attempts of flight to the latest frontiers of space exploration. The exhibition is the first expression of the "District of science and technology", created to enhance a territory with a rich history of industrial and technological innovation still little known and absolute exception in the national and international scene. A unique opportunity that combines dream, entrepreneurial vision, technological innovation and science!

The exhibition "Beyond the dream: the flight to space", conceived and organized by the Pleiades, is an expression of the will of the City of Schio Schio-Thiene and grouping of Confindustria Vicenza, and involves an important scientific panel.
The exhibition offers the visitor, who becomes a real traveler being at an airport check-in, interactive and emotional experience through the great achievements of man in terms of flight and space exploration. It starts with a historical dimension and suggestive that is rooted in the myth of Icarus, through the Leonardo da Vinci up to the balloons, airships and to the very first flight of the Wright brothers. The final destination of this trip is the space, addressed through technological advancement aerospace to get to the current frontiers of knowledge, finally leading us "beyond the dream."

The exhibition explains the physical principles of flight and racist, and demonstrates in a practical way the evolution of human knowledge in the field of aviation and aerospace. Exhibit, working machines, simulators, explanatory panels, models and original historical documents make understandable a theme highly attractive and interesting to the general public, involving all visitors, from experts to amateurs, from children to mature. Particular attention is paid to the school world, with guided tours and workshops designed for each school cycle, from childhood to secondary level.
The exhibition relies on the contribution of a scientific committee, made up of scholars, scientists, astronauts and pilots, and the collaboration of important institutions. In this context the Italian Air Force with the National Network of Museums Aeronautical, which includes the Historical Museum of the Air Force, the Air Force Museum Gianni Caproni, the Museo Francesco Baracca, the Park and Museum of Flight - and Volandia Piana delle Orme Museum, helped with loans of important historical artifacts and with the scientific advice for the aeronautics sector. The aerospace industry is represented within the Committee, the Italian Space Agency, the National Institute of Astrophysics - Astronomical Observatory of Padova, from Thales Alenia Space, the University Centre for Space Studies and Activities "Giuseppe Colombo" - University of Padua, from Genav asd Workshop and stellar.

The territory of Schio and altovicentino constitute an industrial district of high level, which is stated as early as the sixteenth century as one of the most important manufacturing areas in Europe, rising in the second half of the '900 from manufacturing to technology. The three-year project aims to promote the territory as a platform for innovation and creativity through its unique historical background it is projected into the future as an area culturally alive, highly proactive, with a great vocation for internationalization.

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